Catch Your Dreams Open Side Long Sleeve

Product Description

Dreamcatchers are best known for their ability to protect your good dreams by trapping the bad dreams in their threads and burning them away in the morning sunlight. Thus, this shirt represents our own capacity to protect our dreams from the obstacles of life, so that we may live freely and happily. The knit cotton on this shirt is soft and light for comfortability and a hi-lo hem gives you flow and ease as you move. With an artistic dreamcatcher print, you can enjoy art from a very comfortable perspective.
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Product Details

  • Construction: 95% Organic cotton 5% spandex
  • S/M: Length-27-28.5 Inches| Chest-38 Inches| Sleeves-28 Inches
  • M/L: Length-28.5-30 Inches| Chest-41 Inches| Sleeves-29 Inches
  • High low design
  • Soft breathable eco fabric

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