About Us


Back in 1998, Lakhay's was just a young man with a seed. Now, it is a grown man (We do not say “old man”) with a forest and a family. As times have changed and the way people shopped has changed, Lakhay's has strived to stay ahead to bring our artisans as much exposure as possible.

Today, the Lakhay's company is as funky and trend-setting as ever and still promotes the artisan made fabrics and encourages products to be made organically and economically friendly. Since day one, Lakhay’s artisans have resided in local neighborhoods of the developing economies of Nepal, India, Indonesia and Thailand.These artisans, who create the intricate, organic clothing that Lakhay's is most famous for, are predominantly women who use their artisanal skills to support their families.

Lakhay's has committed itself to help these women, who are astonishingly talented and hardworking, market their art so it can be shared with the world. It is our job to bring the work to our customers, and now it is up to the customers to bring our artisans closer to their dreams of success. With each purchase, these women can support their families, help the economies of their neighborhoods, and become one step closer to a brighter future.